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Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
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UCC Online Filing
UCC Inquiries Overview

The UCC Inquiries allow users to search and retrieve data and images that are maintained in the Uniform Commercial Code database. The Uniform Commercial Code database is a collection of files that record secured loan filings submitted to, and approved by, the Ohio Secretary of State. Lenders (or secured parties) submit filings to the Ohio Secretary of State to record their interest in collateral when borrowers (or debtors) initiate loans from them. Subsequent filings are submitted to keep the debtor, secured party and collateral information current. These filings are recorded and maintained in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.

Data History

All Ohio Secretary of State UCC filings were manually maintained prior to 1985. The office computerized its records at that time and used that system until August 1989, when a new system was implemented. Active filings only were converted at that time, while filings that were lapsed or terminated were not converted. All filings were converted again to a modified relational structure in 1997. Due to changes in law that became effective in July of 2001, all filings were converted again to the current relational structure. Images of approved filings were maintained on microfilm prior to 1997 when office began converting the film for all active businesses to a computerized format. Newly submitted filings since that time have been created and maintained in this computerized format.

All specific UCC Inquiries have help screens to assist you with your searching efforts.