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Voter Files Download Page

Welcome to the Ohio Secretary of State's Voter Files Download Page. This page was developed to allow users to obtain large sets of Voter data faster than the normal request process. At this page you can download files of all registered voters by county, state senate district, state representative district, congressional district, or the entire state of Ohio. The statewide file is divided into two .zip files SWVF_1_44(Adams-Lawrence) and SWVF_45_88(Licking-Wyandot). The voter files available on this page are updated every week.

The data is in a "comma delimited" format that can be imported into Microsoft Excel or opened in Access as well as many other spreadsheet or database programs. Many of the available files contain a significant quantity of data records. A spreadsheet program, such as MS Excel, may not allow all of the data in a file to be loaded because of a limit on the number of available rows. For this reason, it is advised that a database application be utilized to load and work with the data available at this site. For more information please contact Robin Fields at (614) 644-0770 or RFIELDS@SOS.STATE.OH.US

Each user's Internet connection, (i.e. modem, DSL, T1), will determine the speed by which the file is downloaded. Every effort was made to package the files in manageable sizes for any connection speed.

County Voter Files
County NameLast UpdatedFile sizeDownload File
ADAMS27-JUL-14681 KBDownload
ALLEN27-JUL-142886 KBDownload
ASHLAND27-JUL-141361 KBDownload
ASHTABULA27-JUL-142734 KBDownload
ATHENS27-JUL-141724 KBDownload
AUGLAIZE27-JUL-141262 KBDownload
BELMONT27-JUL-142137 KBDownload
BROWN27-JUL-141129 KBDownload
BUTLER27-JUL-1410684 KBDownload
CARROLL27-JUL-14742 KBDownload
CHAMPAIGN27-JUL-141046 KBDownload
CLARK27-JUL-143983 KBDownload
CLERMONT27-JUL-145930 KBDownload
CLINTON27-JUL-141085 KBDownload
COLUMBIANA27-JUL-142988 KBDownload
COSHOCTON27-JUL-14884 KBDownload
CRAWFORD27-JUL-141169 KBDownload
CUYAHOGA27-JUL-1443219 KBDownload
DARKE27-JUL-141464 KBDownload
DEFIANCE27-JUL-141045 KBDownload
DELAWARE27-JUL-145475 KBDownload
ERIE27-JUL-142242 KBDownload
FAIRFIELD27-JUL-144440 KBDownload
FAYETTE27-JUL-14623 KBDownload
FRANKLIN27-JUL-1435303 KBDownload
FULTON27-JUL-141173 KBDownload
GALLIA27-JUL-14727 KBDownload
GEAUGA27-JUL-142757 KBDownload
GREENE27-JUL-145027 KBDownload
GUERNSEY27-JUL-14981 KBDownload
HAMILTON27-JUL-1425791 KBDownload
HANCOCK27-JUL-142091 KBDownload
HARDIN27-JUL-14715 KBDownload
HARRISON27-JUL-14415 KBDownload
HENRY27-JUL-14749 KBDownload
HIGHLAND27-JUL-141103 KBDownload
HOCKING27-JUL-14741 KBDownload
HOLMES27-JUL-14684 KBDownload
HURON27-JUL-141471 KBDownload
JACKSON27-JUL-14874 KBDownload
JEFFERSON27-JUL-142104 KBDownload
KNOX27-JUL-141611 KBDownload
LAKE27-JUL-146999 KBDownload
LAWRENCE27-JUL-141917 KBDownload
LICKING27-JUL-145037 KBDownload
LOGAN27-JUL-141288 KBDownload
LORAIN27-JUL-149897 KBDownload
LUCAS27-JUL-1415272 KBDownload
MADISON27-JUL-14975 KBDownload
MAHONING27-JUL-147480 KBDownload
MARION27-JUL-141711 KBDownload
MEDINA27-JUL-145299 KBDownload
MEIGS27-JUL-14601 KBDownload
MERCER27-JUL-141170 KBDownload
MIAMI27-JUL-143034 KBDownload
MONROE27-JUL-14386 KBDownload
MONTGOMERY27-JUL-1418297 KBDownload
MORGAN27-JUL-14339 KBDownload
MORROW27-JUL-14921 KBDownload
MUSKINGUM27-JUL-142313 KBDownload
NOBLE27-JUL-14335 KBDownload
OTTAWA27-JUL-141232 KBDownload
PAULDING27-JUL-14499 KBDownload
PERRY27-JUL-14896 KBDownload
PICKAWAY27-JUL-141407 KBDownload
PIKE27-JUL-14717 KBDownload
PORTAGE27-JUL-144754 KBDownload
PREBLE27-JUL-141143 KBDownload
PUTNAM27-JUL-14971 KBDownload
RICHLAND27-JUL-143844 KBDownload
ROSS27-JUL-141853 KBDownload
SANDUSKY27-JUL-141645 KBDownload
SCIOTO27-JUL-142020 KBDownload
SENECA27-JUL-141453 KBDownload
SHELBY27-JUL-141279 KBDownload
STARK27-JUL-1411301 KBDownload
SUMMIT27-JUL-1417384 KBDownload
TRUMBULL27-JUL-146805 KBDownload
TUSCARAWAS27-JUL-142659 KBDownload
UNION27-JUL-141427 KBDownload
VANWERT27-JUL-14807 KBDownload
VINTON27-JUL-14326 KBDownload
WARREN27-JUL-146651 KBDownload
WASHINGTON27-JUL-141757 KBDownload
WAYNE27-JUL-143116 KBDownload
WILLIAMS27-JUL-141004 KBDownload
WOOD27-JUL-144083 KBDownload
WYANDOT27-JUL-14584 KBDownload
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